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    Our team is proud to be a part of Crystal Clean Commercial Services because they know the company reflects their values. In fact, our team created our value system

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    At Crystal Clean Commercial Services, we understand that the key to our success is not only providing superior maintenance services

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    Crystal Clean Commercial Services

    In 1989, Regina Casmon opened the doors of Crystal Clean Commercial Services of Cleveland. With more than 30 years of experience in the service industry in the Cleveland metro, Regina has established Crystal Clean Commercial Services as one of the most professional service management companies in the area. Regina has focused the core of the company on solving clients’ problems and helping to maintain their facilities to the highest of standards.
    We are a locally owned and operated Property Management Maintenance and Commercial Janitorial company in business since 1999.

    Crystal Clean Services You Can Trust

    Property Maintenance Services are very important to property managers since they reflect the image of the overall asset. If it is an office building, condo complex, warehouse/distribution or a shopping center, maintenance is critical. The quality and consistency of the services need to be performed by a reliable property maintenance company with the know-how and experience to meet any challenge.


    Common Areas and Grounds

    Clubhouses, swimming pool areas, courtyards, gyms, and other common areas on your managed properties can be difficult to keep clean.


    Restroom Cleaning and Consumables

    Public restrooms on your managed property, and those shared by property management staff are a breeding ground for bacteria and disease.


    Office Buildings and Suites

    Management offices, maintenance offices, or rental office space, all office areas should be properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.


    Clubhouses and Reception Areas

    If you manage an apartment complex, condominiums, or homeowner’s association you recognize that your clubhouse, rental offices,


    Dumpster Areas and Parking Lots

    While often overlooked, parking areas and dumpster areas are typically a prospective tenant’s first indication of your rental property’s overall cleanliness,


    Move In | Move Out Cleanings

    Whenever a tenant leaves your managed property it is essential that the newly unoccupied space be filled as soon as possible and ensuring that space

    What are Disinfecting Services?

    Disinfecting services are cleaning procedures that utilize a disinfectant. According to the EPA, a disinfectant is an antimicrobial pesticide used on inanimate surfaces and objects to destroy or irreversibly inactivate microorganisms. Disinfectants are distinguished into two categories, hospital type and general use (household). Disinfecting services for commercial facilities should use hospital type disinfectants that are used for infection control, as Crystal Clean Commercial Services do.
    The disinfecting cleaning procedures used can vary depending on the facility, tools, chemical, even company providing the service ranging from deep cleaning, disinfectant fogging and electrostatic-sprayer dispersal.

    Does a Suspected/Confirmed Coronavirus Exposure in a Building Require HAZMAT Cleaning?

    According to the CDC and OSHA, HAZMAT cleaning protocols are not needed for facilities exposed to coronavirus. Most professional disinfection services utilizing EPA N List chemicals meet the guidelines outlined by these organizations, including coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services provided by Crystal Clean Commercial Services.

    Why Should Soiled Areas Be Cleaned Prior to Disinfecting?

    Cleaning soiled surfaces prior to disinfecting allows the disinfectant to work more effectively. If you have a layer of dust, dirt or oils, this creates a barrier between the surface and the disinfectant which prohibits the disinfectant from destroying or inactivating the microorganisms on the surface face.

    What is the Difference between Disinfecting Services vs Sanitizing Services?

    Disinfecting services use a disinfectant which is any chemical that destroys or irreversibly inactivates microorganisms on surfaces. Sanitation services tend to use less potent chemicals, sanitizers, which reduce but not always eliminate microorganisms from materials. Hospital-grade disinfectants and disinfection services are best used for infection control, like coronavirus COVID-19, where sanitizers and sanitizing services are best used in relation to food, carpet, or clothing (EPA).

    When Should I Disinfect My Business?

    There are multiple occasions when someone should use disinfecting services at their business, and an outbreak is definitely one of them. Recurring disinfecting services benefit high traffic businesses who see a lot of customers and/employees on a daily basis. Additionally, those facilities like doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals that need to be concerned with infection control benefit from recurring services.
    For the Coronavirus crisis, it is important to get your facility disinfected if you have a suspected/confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 exposure. This means you know, or suspect, an employee or customer came into your business while infected with the virus. Disinfecting services are also important for “essential businesses” who need to stay open to support public needs; this so they can remain open and productive for the benefit of not only their business, their employees, but the general good as well.

    What Should Businesses Do to Prepare to Re-Open After Coronavirus?

    As businesses prepare to reopen after the coronavirus outbreak, it would be advisable to get a disinfection service conducted at your facility prior to doors-open and your employees return. There is still not enough data to know how long the coronavirus COVID-19 lives on surfaces, it ranges from hours to days on different materials according to the CDC, and you want to help assure the health and safety of your customers and employees upon their return.
    It is important to note that disinfecting services are viable until a surface comes into contact with human touch or fluids, so if you can guarantee no one is going to your business during your state’s stay-at-home period, it is beneficial to jump on these services prior to the expected rush once the orders are lifted.
    You may also want to consider adding or increasing the frequency of your janitorial services. Customers and employees are going to be very conscious (and thankful) of your efforts in this regard after experiencing such a dramatic period. It also helps us all reduce the opportunities for the coronavirus’s resurgent return if we all have better health and cleanliness habits.

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